Sherise Lee is an artist, designer, and energy worker practicing in both the tactile and the incorporeal.

Along with embodying her childhood teachings of Chinese Folk Mysticism, she is traditionally trained in Sound Healing, Breathwork, Stone Medicine, Usui Reiki, and Shamanic Reiki.

With a Fine Art foundation and a BFA in Analogue Graphic Design (all hand painting lettering, type setting, and physical comps sans computers), she is a visual artist, as well as a creative consultant to select independent brands.

In 2013, Lee created The Radder, a blog-shop and creative community. Sharing works from refined craft artists, The Radder participated / pop-upped in Mercado Sagrado, Otherwild, Ojai Rancho Inn, Mixed Business, AYAM, The Platform Experiment, Desert & Denim, Spirit House Collective, and more. The Radder closed this past Spring to focus on the Offerings available here.


Crystal Selections Available at these events/locations:

December 14, 12-7pm - Deck the Halls at Ojai Rancho Inn, Ojai, CA

Everyday - Sonomama, Highland Park, Los Angeles, CA